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Quick guide on the proper use of traffic exchange on

Learn how to work on Traffic Exchange PRO

Quick start on

Everything you need to know to start getting visitors to your site.

First of all you need to know that you do not have to own a website. You can generate traffic for our clients and for this you will be paid. We pay 500 points and $ 0.25 for each new active member who signs up using your referral link. When you have earned points worth at least $ 10, you can ask for the payment.

In this article, I will show you how to get started quickly on (After connecting for the first time, you will be redirected to your information page. Doing so, you can have a quick overview of the options that provides.Your Dashboard display all the useful information of your account:Your login name;
The points you have on your account and the number of websites you surfed;
Points earned today;
Many useful links related to your account.

quick start

First step : register your website(s)Adding your website is really straightforward. To add a website, click on the "Add sites" button.
This will redirect you to a simple form. To add your site, just enter URL, (You can promote your Website or Facebook page, Youtube page, Instagram page, and so on...) select points for each visit (min. 1 point, if you add more points you will get priority traffic) and choose how many hits to be used: (0 mean unlimited). Next, just click on the "Add" the site button and your website will be registered.
Your website it will be validated by the webmaster.

Second step: it is time to surf!To surf on is very simple. Just click on "Earn Points" from your dashboard page, allow pop-ups on your browser and relax.
Remember that you need to let the website running to accumulate points.
Now you surfed a little, your website has been validated and will receive visits from other user of
If you do not want to surf, you can purchase surf points.
If you buy points (Pack - 5 to Pack - 8) you also become a Premium member. As a Premium member you get more exposure and other features not available to regular members!
Surfing on our website will reduce your website bounce rate due to our surf timer of minimum 60 seconds. So visitors will spend at least 60 seconds on your website.
That is conclude this tutorial to get started on