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Spending money on SEO in 2021?

Is it worth spending money on SEO in 2021?

Is it worth spending money on SEO in 2021?

It doesn't seem worth it. The sometimes very large sums of money that site owners pay to companies that offer SEO services are wasted money. Why? Because from time to time there is an update of the algorithms from Google and all our work proves to be in vain. seo image

All the work done and all the money spent on optimization is time and money lost. We always come to the same conclusion. Only rich and quality content and as many relevant links to our content can save us from huge traffic losses following updates to Google's algorithms. Therefore, we must produce quality content and offer users a pleasant experience when they visit our site.

Thus we will be able to keep users inside our site and from here we will have a whole series of advantages such as reduced bounce rate, higher conversion rate, positive recommendations, links to our site, etc..

All the highly praised techniques such as buying backlinks from .edu, .gov domains are gradually discovered by Google and penalized. There are a lot of so-called SEO specialists who sell such links and tell us how good they are and how high our site will rank in search engine results if we buy such links. Yes these links are not bad but they should be obtained naturally not bought, sometimes for ridiculously large amounts.

Does Google want us to be happy?

Google is trying to make us happier, it is trying to make our lives easier. How? By displaying the relevant results related to the search term entered by the user. The problem is that the results that Google considers relevant are not relevant in all cases.seo image

Somehow, this is frustrating, because we are able to find the information we need on our own.
Personally, most of the time I have to go directly to the second page to find the information that is really relevant to me, which is quite annoying. I think this way of displaying the results will backfire on Google sooner or later.
Why is Google doing this?
For many reasons quite easy to understand and related to the financial part. Google does everything in its power to get us to click on the ads it displays in the top positions, because those results displayed with priority bring money to Google and very rarely bring new customers to those who pay for the display. With priority.

Google also does anything to get us to buy advertising space, which is an easy and safe way to get on the front page. Another frustration comes from the fact that new sites, buy advertising, appear on the first page and a site that is already several years old does not even appear on the second or third page for countless reasons, which sometimes depend on the authors. and other times by Google's algorithms.

We all want our sites to reach the front page of the SERP as soon as possible. We should give up this idea, because the first page with results is the playground of Google and think about how we can improve our sites so that we are present at least on the second page with results. From time to time we may reach the first page, only if Google allows us to do so and considers that our site or certain pages of the site are relevant to users.

Unfortunately, we have to accept this situation and try to optimize our sites to be displayed as high as possible in Google, since this search engine monopolizes most of the organic traffic. How is Google doing to somehow keep us in this trap. Well, it gives us a lot of tools for free and thus determines us to work and be creative to get better results. In conclusion, everything is about money and nothing more.

All the tools, all the "improvements" are aimed at producing more and more money. Google does its best to make as much money as possible by any legal method, and it is very easy to do so because it has a monopoly on web traffic. Have you ever talked to a friend over coffee, about refrigerators or computers or anything else, with phones on the table and then when you went online you will see advertisements with refrigerators, computers, etc. Frustrating isn't it?

Is all this happening because Google wants to make our lives easier? We asked Google for something like that. I don't remember ever asking for that. It was much easier for me before I could find anything on the net, anything. Now I have to put more effort into finding what I'm actually looking for, not what Google wants me to find.